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From Financial Integrity

Richard and Maria - Going strong 10 years later

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Multi-adult household
  • No children/dependents

It is our experience that people forget (or don't realize) that a lot of the money they are spending while working for money would no longer be an expense if they weren't working for money. (See Step 2.) Naturally a few expenses might increase as well. For instance if you start cooking and eating more at home, your grocery bill might go up slightly, while your eating out bill decreases.

But basically expenses go down when not working for money. Therefore, and this was my great discovery through the program, that means that you're financial independence income doesn't need to be anywhere near as great as your income while employed. And that means that crossover will come much more quickly than you would assume, if you forget that your "retirement" income does not need to be anywhere nearly as large as your employment income.

We live on a very modest level, but we do have a reasonably active financial life since we operate a business and are active with many groups and organizations, and these activities cost some money at times. We pay a lot of the expenses of our business from our cash and credit cards, and then reimburse ourselves at the end of the month. We also operate our own pension fund, and I do all the accounting for that as well. So our monthly accounting is reasonably complex. But I can do all of it -- our business and personal accounting and transactions between the business and ourselves -- in about one day, which I feel is pretty reasonable, especially since it helps me be clear on how we are doing with respect to fulfilling our vision.

We managed to reach crossover ten years ago, and consider everything we have received from using the program to be a great blessing, but we still track. There's still inflation going on, and our financial independence would easily be lost if we did not keep track of what is going on. Besides, knowing our limits produces great creativity.

We live in Sydney, well known as the most expensive Australian city. That we have been able to reach crossover so quickly (in 7 years while raising 2 children) and be able to enjoy the results of the program so delightfully for the past 20 years (and now 14 years after crossover) is a dramatic demonstration of the strength of the program, and what can happen if you use it.

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