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Resilience Circles / Common Security Clubs

These are uncertain times. The economic crisis has reminded us of our vulnerabilities: Debt, foreclosure, evaporating savings, rising costs, job insecurity.

We can face these changes alone – or come together.

What is a Common Security Club?

A place to:

  • Come together to grapple with our personal security in a rapidly changing world.
  • Learn about the root causes of our economic and ecological challenges.
  • Explore ways to increase our personal/economic security through mutual aid and shared action.
  • Build on what we have together – and strengthen the institutions that we all depend on.
  • Make friends, find inspiration, have fun, and strengthen community.
  • Be part of a national movement of common security clubs that are connected to religious, civic, labor and small business organizations – working to transform the economy so that it works for everyone.

Three Components of a Club

LEARNING: Through popular education tools, videos and shared readings, participants increase their understanding of the larger economic forces on our lives. What is our vision for a healthy sustainable economy?

MUTUAL AID – LOCAL ACTION: Through stories, examples, web-based resources, a workbook and mutual support, participants reflect on what makes them secure. What can we do together to increase our economic security at the local level?

SOCIAL ACTION: Many of our challenges won’t be solved through personal or local mutual aid efforts. They require us to work together to press for larger state, national and even global changes. Coming together, what can we do to reclaim our economy from the casino capitalists?

Starting Common Security Clubs – We Can Help!

  • Clubs typically are 10-20 adults who commit to meet for 5-6 initial facilitated meetings and then discuss whether to continue.
  • The CSC Network provides a detailed Facilitator’s Guide, and coaching and support by phone.
  • Anyone comfortable leading a group can facilitate a Club.
  • The model works well in churches and temples, workplaces, unions, neighborhood associations, classrooms—any place where people create community.

Contact Andrée Zaleska at for more information, or to receive the full curriculum. The CSC is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies and On the Commons.

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