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From Financial Integrity

Nancy Rae Evans

Financial clarity can begin today

Location: Newport, RI Geographic area: United States, Eastern time zone


FI 10-session class in Newport, RI, begins October 26, 2011. Get the details here: Financial Integrity classes

Nancy received her Certified Financial Recovery Counselor designation from Karen McCall, Director of the Financial Recovery Institute. As a CFRC, she is trained in a process that addresses money behaviors like chronic debting, compulsive spending, underearning, guilt around inherited wealth, and anxiety over financial setbacks. The training incorporates principles from Your Money or Your Life and Debtors Anonymous.

This holistic approach to personal money management includes both the practical and emotional aspects of money that we face in our day-to-day finances. Living joyfully within your means becomes a reality when you practice these principles in your personal and business life.

Nancy has been assisting people in managing both their personal and business finances for nearly two decades. She has been a guest on WBNW 1120 AM Money Matters Radio (Frank Farley’s Debt Free or Wealthy–You Decide) and WOON 1240 AM (The Mechanics of Business with Barry Mechanic). Nancy is available to speak to service organizations, students, associations, and private groups or companies throughout New England or by teleseminar about Transforming Your Relationship With Money. Topics include: How to Break the Debt Cycle; How to Escape the Money Fog; and Symptoms and Cures for Emotional Spending. She will also lead private sessions of her seminars at your location, and provides services by telephone throughout the US.

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