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Louise - Big Sky

It was August, very hot, and I was still at work. I had a very busy day, the phones kept ringing, and I kept trying to clear my desk. My boss told me he wanted to talk to me and so I stayed. He got that serious look on his face, and I thought we missed a deadline, or something inane like that…he was sorry, but he was going to have to let me go. This was from a job, that he hired me specifically for, and took me away from a job I enjoyed, but was not making much money. I cried. This was the first time I had heard that I was not doing a good job. I asked all those questions, thinking I was the culprit, never realizing, the really big boss was downsizing the company, and I was the last one hired. I had just received a thousand a year bonus six months prior, so attendance, content, and work were not the problem. This was a defining moment as Oprah Winfrey used to say.

This began the story of my returning to the land, and living from 21k year to barely 5k year. Darwin in all his glory could have used me as a model of evolution going from the material world of a big city to someone who looks at the big sky and doesn’t see people for days. I have neighbors that live acres away, but my little farm is secluded, and I work it all alone. I haven’t shopped in a real retail store (wal-mart doesn’t count for rural people) in years. I consign everything I can in small shops, and I have become a ward of little over one acre of God’s earth. I take care of that earth, and my mobile home that it sits on, and I treat it as a conservation site for all the animals that come on my property. I recently spotted a pileated woodpecker. How beautiful.

Did I mention that my job was at a public relations firm? So, I think you know I like people and have an outgoing nature. Now, nature is the only face I see, so I talk to bees, lizards, moths, my doggie, and in one way or another, they all understand. Has it been a learning experience, yes. I wait now, till I can pay for something. This might not seem like much to anyone, but from someone who had vast amounts of credit and stayed one inch in front of the economic tsunami that was threatening, P.F. is the only financing I understand. Paid For is the only way I own anything, that way I don’t owe anything to anybody. I recently bought two attachments for my weed eater. I told the salesman, that I felt I had “courted” those attachments. I had wanted them since November of last year. I had visited often, but they weren’t possible till March of this year. Just in time for spring…So when it’s right you know it, and if you can’t afford it, well, ya can’t afford it. I had been working temporary part time, when I got the “we’ve got to let you go” speech this time, and unemployment is meager, but it’s far less traumatic when you don’t owe thousands. That’s the first part of the story, tune in again for part two of: leaving I owe (not the corn state) and moving to I have (a peaceful state of mind).

“Never have I spent so much time, to spend so little money.” ……… Louise Cook
This content is under private copyright by Louise Cook, 2010.

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