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How to add your story

To add your story, we ask that you have been practicing the Financial Integrity program for at least six months. Your stories will help show others how to apply the program to their own lives, and that the program really works! We encourage you to post your story yourself, but if you have difficulties, don't let that stop you from sharing -- email it in and the volunteer moderators can help you.

Getting started
You will need a short (about five word) description for your story. Please note our naming convention: your name, followed by a dash and your short description.

First, create the page
The easiest way to create a page is to search for the page name. Enter the desired page title “your name – your story description” into the search box at the top of the page and click Go. The results will indicate that no such page exists and offer a link to help you create a page.

Adding content
Next, in the page editor add:

  • Your page title at the top with equal signs on either side (no spaces next to the equals). This creates the page title.
  • Insert two returns to create a line break
  • Some brief demographic information at the start of your story is helpful. To create bullet pointed lists (like this one), enter each point on a new line starting with an asterisk.

To add a link to a web page, type a left bracket ([) followed by the complete URL, with http:// on the front, followed by a space and whatever description of the page you’d like the link to be named, and finally a right bracket (]). Read this page for more on how to link pages.

Adding your page to the Stories category
The last step is to add your page to the Stories category. This allows others to find the page. If you do not categorize your page, it can only be found in a search for your name or description! At the very bottom of your page, on a new line, enter two left brackets ([) followed by the text Category:Stories, followed by two right brackets(]) If you edit an existing story you'll see an example of this formatting. Please cancel out of the page rather than saving when you do this. To read more about editing pages, visit how to edit a page on Mediawiki.

If you're making very minor changes to your contribution checking the box "minor edit" minimizes work for the moderators.

Thank you for contributing your story!

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