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From Financial Integrity


Need help with the wiki? Find it here.

If you are looking for help with different aspects of the wiki and the underlying tool, MediaWiki, you’ve come to the right place. MediaWiki is an open source wiki engine licensed under the GNU General Public License. A wiki allows members to create and edit content using a web browser.

On these help pages, you will find information about using MediaWiki. Don't see the answer here? Try the Contribution Guidelines or visit the FAQ page for miscellaneous technical, content or organizational information and answers.

General use

The MediaWiki User's Guide is a general-purpose guide designed to help you with technical and practical details.

Creating an account

To contribute or discuss content, you'll need to create an account and log in. If you are a member, you must be logged in to contribute.

Setting up your user page

The what, why and how-to about user pages can be found here. Find out more about Talk pages and how to sign a comment here.

Creating a page

It's simple to create a page. Just drop the desired page title into the entry box at the top of the page and click Go. The results will indicate that no such page exists and offer a link to help you create a page.

Please keep the following in mind when creating new pages:

  • Is there a page that already exists with the same or similar content? Drop a description in to the Search box at the top of this page to find out.
  • Have you read the Contribution Guidelines? It's a great resource for contributors.

Read this helpful wiki page about creating or starting a new page.

Editing a page and formatting content

Learn the ins and outs of editing a page here. This is a good tutorial about formatting content using the wiki markup language.

Linking a page

There are a few different ways to create a link to another page in the wiki or to link to another site. Linking is strongly encouraged as it makes the site experience a richer one for visitors. Read this page.

Adding a page to a category

To ensure that your contribution shows up on category pages such as Stories, Tools and Examples, Speakers, Resources and News, you'll need to add the proper category code at the bottom of your page.

You can either copy and paste the code from an existing page in that same category or add it by hand. Here's the format:

  • Left bracket(no space)left bracket(no space)colon(no space)Category page name(no space)|(no space)Link name(no space)Right bracket(no space)Right bracket

Note the use of the | between the category page name and the link name.

Minor edits

Minor edits to a page are tasks such as correcting spelling, refining the formatting or rearranging the order of the text without modifying content. Read more here.

Adding images

Here's a great MediaWiki page about adding images to the wiki.

Revert feature

To go back to a previous page version, use the revert feature.

Edit summary

The edit summary feature shows what has been changed.

Edit conflicts

Occasionally two people may be editing the same page and an edit conflict will occur. Read what to do here

Still don't see what you're looking for?
The Financial Integrity wiki is based on MediaWiki. You can find the complete set of help files here.