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From Financial Integrity

Helpful guides to help you learn, share and discuss the program

The Financial Integrity Program Guide
The guide walks you through the Financial Integrity Nine Steps. The guide is filled with sample exercises to help you apply the program to your own life and to personalize it, so it works best for you.

Canada Edition

Group Study Workbook
This helpful Workbook gives step by step instructions for groups of six to twenty people who are working through the Financial Integrity program without an experienced instructor. Individuals pursuing the Financial Integrity program on their own may also find it a useful source of additional questions and exercises.

Instructors Guide
We've designed this guide for people who are interested in “spreading the word” about this amazing method of personal financial transformation. This professionally developed Instructors Guide brings together all the nuts and bolts of a successful curriculum at your fingertips. Now you can focus on customizing your presentation to your audience, your presentation format, and your own particular interests and strengths.

Read how other people have adopted the Financial Integrity program.