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Guidelines for contributing to the Financial Integrity wiki

We invite your contributions. As this is a wiki, anyone can contribute to it, and we encourage you to do so. To get started, please read through the guidelines below. Go here for technical help questions and or visit the FAQ page for miscellaneous technical, content or organizational information and answers.

General contribution guidelines

  • In order to contribute content or participate in a discussion you need to create an account and log in.
  • If you are a member, you must be logged in to contribute.
  • Please contribute content only when it is complete, grammatically correct and properly spell-checked.
  • If there is a page that resembles your content, please improve the existing page rather than create a new page.
  • Please include links in your content to existing content on the wiki to encourage people to visit related pages.
  • All headings should be in sentence case. For example, use "About this site,” not "About This Site."
  • Both bullets and lists are used to highlight the steps necessary to outline and streamline a process. Oftentimes, tasks are best organized into small steps, guiding the reader quickly to the solution.
  • Recognize that this site and all that it contains is published under Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 licensing. If you would like personal credit for your work, within your post be sure to sign it and ask to get personal credit (in addition to the NRM/FI credit) if your post is re-used. See the FI Terms of Use for more information.

Find editing help here.

Story contributions

Please keep the following in mind when contributing your story.

Title: Make it descriptive, not just your name and location, to give readers a sense of content.

Biographical info: Please add this information to the beginning of your story. Criteria that are helpful for readers to know include:

  • rural or urban
  • area of world
  • multiple-adult household or single
  • children/dependents or no children/dependents

Length: Try to keep stories to about 500 words.

Content: Please note when you started following the program (month/year you started, as opposed to length of time). Write about which steps had the most impact on you and how the program as a whole affected your larger life as well as your finances. Add any other pertinent and inspiring information that you think might benefit others who are facing similar situations to yours. Please be concise and stick to your personal experience, rather than offer editorial opinions.

Add your story
How to add your story step by step instructions

Discussion Groups

You can list your Financial Integrity group here. Please add your group to the appropriate geographical area, and include the following:

  • date your listing was last updated
  • the location of your group
  • a way to contact you - email, phone, or yahoo or similar online group

Add your group

Tools and Examples contributions

Please add your tool or example to the appropriate step page. You may find it helpful to read the Help page

Add your tool or example
How to add a tool or example step by step instructions

Speakers list

Please note the format for entering your Speaker information:

  • Name, business name or your Financial Integrity wiki username
  • City, state or province, zip code and country
  • Email (enter as janedoe(at)domain(dot)com to out-maneuver spammers)
  • Website link

Be a speaker

Resources contributions

Please add a resource you've found helpful to the appropriate topic or step page. Please list the:

  • Resource name
  • Brief description
  • Web link
  • Category tag

Add your resource
How to add a resource step-by-step instructions

News contributions

Please, no rants and diatribes, just information that people can use to attain financial peace of mind. Add your article right below the introductory paragraph so the most recent article is at the top. You can help reduce costs of this wiki by posting an excerpt rather than the entire article, and providing a link to the complete article. Please match the format shown:

  • Article title is a link to the article web page
  • Publication title and date: description

Please cooperate with Fair Use copyright law when posting news contributions.
To see older articles please visit the news archive.

Add a news article

Comments and discussion

  • When you see something that is incorrect or needs clarification, the best way to address it is to use the Discussion function. You’ll find the Discussion tab at the top of every page. Please refrain from adding your comments directly to the article page.
  • To separate comments, please create a horizontal rule between comments on the discussion page by using four dashes ---- between entries, or click the line icon in the editing toolbar.
  • If you are starting a new conversation thread, consider using the "+" link next to Edit, which lets you create a new section.
  • Please add your "signature" to a comment and help build the community. You can add your signature by inserting four ~s (tildes) at the end of your comment. This will list your User Name and a link to your User Page and add a time stamp. An alternative method is to click on the signature icon in the editing toolbar (the second icon from the right).

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